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Connecting You With The Right Technical Talent

Short-term Contract

Organizations operating in the Information technology industry regularly need resources to support their main technology stack for a limited period. In such a situation adding up undue overheads by making permanent hiring is not feasible. Our company helps identify a suitable professional who is ready to work on a short-term contract. This will fulfill your technical requirements without putting any financial strain on your business.


Finding the right technical resource is not the biggest challenge but aligning an individual’s personal goals with your business objectives is much more critical. You cannot solely depend upon the usual forums such as job posts to identify the right talent for filling a permanent position. Delegating the job to a professional talent solutions agency is the best option. It will give you access to the best resource for propelling your business to the next level. Arie Infotech evaluates candidates on multiple parameters to assess their suitability for a position.


Arie Infotech is focused not only on fulfilling enterprises’ talent requirements but also to give wings to a resource’s aspirations. Our hybrid staffing service is the best solution for organizations that want to optimize their expenses. It will connect them with talented professionals who are ready to assist on a project on a contract basis. This staffing model also provides candidates to earn good returns until they find an attractive permanent position.